Be A Friend (Of ShAFF)

And help Sheffield school kids share in the adventure

Posted by Matt Heason on Jan 16, 2020

It's pretty much exactly a year since we launched our Friends Of ShAFF scheme on Patreon. The idea is that those kind folk who think the festival is pretty good and that it stands for something, donate a small amount of money each month to help support it and to help it spread its message. To date there are 30 such Patrons. Aside from festival discounts, Tshirts and other goodies, the Patrons go to bed happy in the knowledge that their donations have so far allowed 1,560 Sheffield secondary school pupils to experience the festival schools outreach programme. It's a packed hour of films, inspirational talking, ideas on how to get into film making, and stewardship of The Outdoor City and The Peak District. Every talk has been ace! If we can get more Patrons signed up then we can do more talks. Check it out at

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