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Posted by Matt Heason on Jul 17, 2018
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It's a slogan from the dim and distant past - the 80's if I'm not mistaken. It represents a product that is open and honest. Cycle To The Cinema is just such a concept. It was dreamt up a few years ago and began life at the Longshaw Discovery Centre, a National Trust property just outside Sheffield. I worked with the NT to put on a series of film events there and encouraged people to arrive on their bikes, watch, and then cycle home. It was a really nice series. Every single event would attract a whole range of cyclists, regardless of the weather or time of year. There was a different vibe to them to standard cinema experiences; a feeling that people had somehow earnt the right to be there. They seemed to enjoy the films more as a result. I remember the best Mars Bar I ever ate was at the top of a mountain on an expedition to Greenland whilst still at school. I guess it's a similar set of chemicals coursing through our veins that heightens pleasure.

After a couple of successful years things took a break as often happens, but I'm really excited that Cycle To The Cinema is back. Next Wednesday there's the first of three pop up cinema events in-store at Decathlon Sheffield. As the store closes at 8pm, there will ensue a carefully curated compilation of 6 summer-themed films to entertain and inspire. Those arriving on their bikes will get a free bike light courtesy of Decathlon, and the option to lock up their bikes in the store which will be closed to the public. The films are a varied bunch. The general theme is adventure and summer, but there's a nod towards the World Cup for obvious reasons. Two of the films feature football, but not as you'd recognise it. The first is The Hardest Goal, a short documentary about Shrovetide, a game many consider the origin of football, which still takes place in Ashbourne each year. Watch the trailer - it's quite amazing (The Hardest Goal). The second is the story of Panyee FC, a youth football team based on a floating village in Thailand.

The Hardest Goal from Watson on Vimeo.

The second event of the Decathlon series will be on Aug 1st. We're still waiting to confirm the film so watch this space. The third will be a screening of Edie, a charming feature film about an octogenarian climbing Suileven in Scotland, scheduled for September 19th.

There are plans for a host more Cycle To The Cinema events both in Sheffield and the Peak District, and futher afield. If you'd like to host one then do get in touch.

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