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15% Discount For Heason Events Followers

Posted by Matt Heason on Oct 19, 2018

For a number of years now I have been taking photos whilst out and about with an Olympus Tough compact. I still have my SLR and use it regularly, but the Olympus goes everywhere with me. It's pretty much bomb proof and takes a pretty good photo to boot. I reviewed it here

You will have seen photos from it on most of my other Blog posts so you can judge for yourself its quality.

Olympus have just sent me an offer code to get 15% discount off the camera until the end of March next year to share with folk. If you were thinking of getting a new compact for Christmas then this may be worth a look. The new TG5 looks amazing...

Here's the Code and Offer.


15% off at https://shop.olympus.eu/en_GB until 31/03/19 
One voucher per transaction and purchase limited to two identical products per discounted transaction 
Voucher cannot be combined with other offers. Reselling of products purchased with a voucher code is prohibited 

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